NO Re-Zoning for Condos on Ocean St. Extension

Act Now!

Sign Our Petition & Come to the City Council Meeting

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Tuesday, 9/25 7pm at Santa Cruz City Hall
809 Center St, Santa Cruz

Please write letters opposing this project to:

Your voice and your presence matter


Write letters of concern to the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Good Times

Write and call your city council members.  

General City Council email address:
Any emails sent to the general city council email get forwarded to the individual members, and they become part of the public record

Mayor Cynthia Chase
831 420-5020

Vice Mayor David Terrazas
831 420-5020 City Hall

Sandy Brown
831 420 5028

Chris Krohn
831 420 5022

Cynthia Matthews
831 420 5027

Richelle Noroyan
831 420 5025

Martine Watkins
831 420 5024

All council members may also be reached by writing:

809 Center St., Rm 10
Santa Cruz, CA 95060