Traffic & Parking

  • A potential for 80 or more resident cars and 320 additional trips along the narrow road (assuming two outings per resident per day), plus guests, service vehicles, deliveries, waste collections, etc.
  • Increased risk of accidents at intersection of Graham Hill Rd/Ocean St. with OSX, particularly dangerous due to substandard line of sight and sharp curve in the road going north/ south on Graham Hill Rd.
  • Increased traffic at the already dysfunctional intersection of Hwy 1/Hwy 17/Ocean St.
  • Increased danger to pedestrians and bicyclists on the narrow road, and at the intersection of Graham Hill Rd/OSX where utility boxes prevent the existing sidewalk and bike lane along Graham Hill Rd. from continuing further, and disconnects these from the dirt lane fronting the cemetery. The increased traffic would further complicate crossing OSX at Jewell St. Elimination of the bike path along OSX is also proposed
  • Increased problems with emergency vehicle access and evacuation bottlenecks out of the Ocean St. Extension and Paradise Park neighborhoods (discussed below)
  • Increased problems with neighborhood access, particularly during peak commutes, summer traffic, and funerals/ processions
  • Impractical day-to-day use of tandem parking in the proposed development, potentially resulting in street parking problems and making access impassible.
  • Elimination of street parking on OSX to facilitate drainage improvements.