Emergency Access

Paradise Park includes 90 residences on the Ocean Street Extension side of the San Lorenzo River that is traversed within the Park by a historic covered bridge with vehicle weight limitations. Ocean Street Extension serves as the emergency exit for all 391 residences in Paradise Park when Highway 9 or their existing drive is closed due to natural disaster. In the winter of 2017 for two separate events Ocean Street Extension was the only access available for these residences, many of which were flooding. Because of the locked gate at Paradise Park, at all times Ocean Street Extension is the only exit for the 49 homes that are not part of Paradise Park, and passage can already be hampered during funerals or due to the narrow width of the road. By allowing significant development at the entrance to Ocean Street Extension, effectively doubling the number of residential units, the City is significantly impacting the ability of these residents to evacuate in the event of an emergency or funeral.