Project Status as of 9/14/18

The Planning Commission has approved this project overriding the significant impacts on traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety. The planning commission at the recommendation of city planning staff has approved the following:

  1. An “override”on a “significant unavoidable impact” of much increased traffic at the Highway 1 on and off ramps to and from Ocean St.
  2. A variance to excavate within 10’ of a 30% slope below the lower edge of Graham Hill Road. That amounts to 8000 cubic yards (800 dump truck loads).
  3. A variance to allow for tandem parking (one car parked behind the other) on a development that will quadruple the zoning density at the beginning of a rural dead end road. That will create up to 300 new car trips per day coming and going onto an already dangerous intersection of Graham Hill Road and Ocean St. Extension.
  4. The City Council of Santa Cruz will now decide whether or not to approve this project which is too massive for the site and out of character on rural Ocean St Extension. The City General Plan has this property currently zoned for 9 homes.
    This development —

    • is not in the central urban core 
    • is not walkable
    • is not near services (the nearest grocery store is 1.6 miles away)
    • is not bicycle friendly
    • is dangerous: (there have been 31 documented accidents at this intersection in the last 15 years and now the developers want to make the curve narrower making it even more dangerous.)

This proposed rezoning to allow for 40 units with inadequate parking is one of many projects in the City’s current plan to overbuild Santa Cruz drastically changing neighborhoods. The developers say this is housing for the “nurses and teachers and workers of Santa Cruz, yet the starting monthly rent is $2700 and up from there. If these units are sold — the developers say the cost will be between $400,000 and $600,000 yet a comparable new development in the city sells for $850,000 a unit. The project is situated near the entrance to Highway 17 — perfect for the tech industry. Who is this development really for? Not nurses and teachers. 

Protect the General Plan: No Spot Re-zoning!


What IS reasonable? OSENA is open to development of this parcel within the existing General Plan and zoning regulations and requests that the City Council and Planning Commission follow its 2030 General Plan and deny this quadrupling of density.

Learn more about issues of concern regarding the proposed development:

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Traffic & Parking

Emergency Access

Slopes, Drainage & Groundwater

Wildlife Habitat & Aesthetics